Daily Check Ins

Here is the list of links to all the daily check in. Feel free to check in  through this page on the appropriate days, or use the link sent to you in your email 🙂

Check In Links


Go through the writing tracks in order, or skip to the ones that most interest you:

Skillful Writer
Learn to polish your prose until it shines and write stories that hook readers’ hearts.

Prolific Writer
Dive into the science and strategies of becoming a consistent, unstoppable writer.

Persuasive Writer
Learn the secrets to becoming a powerful, persuasive writer using the magic of words.

Wealthy Writer
Discover the broad strategies and nitty-gritty of monetizing your writing.

Looking for books on writing, marketing, persuasion, personal development, and more? Check out the library for condensed yet detailed book notes on interesting and helpful books that will help make YOU a better writer.

Looking for a fellow writer to commiserate with? Become accountability partners? Share strategies? Well then, remember to stop by the forum and say hi!