Skillful Writer

What does it mean to be a skillful writer: Polishing your prose until it shines? Writing stories that hook readers’ hearts? Crafting sentences that mesmerize your audience? 

The answer is: All of the above! The Skillful Writer Track contains lessons that will teach YOU how to be a, well, skillful writer…in every sense of the word. 

How to Make Your Writing Shine In an Oversaturated Market

There are millions of new articles and content being published online every day. How do you make yours stand out?

How to Write Fail-Proof Articles, Every Time

For most writers, writing great articles is a hit-or-miss endeavor. And mostly, they miss. Don’t be those folks. Instead, check out this mini-course, which teaches you 3 strategies for success!

8 Incredibly Helpful Writing Tips Every Writer Can Learn From Successful Personal Development Bloggers

Some of the most successful writers online are personal bloggers. What is it that makes them so successful, and how can you apply that to your own work? Check out this mini-course and find out!

The No-Nonsense Guide to Crafting Attention-Grabbing Headlines

Headlines are your most important tool for capturing reader attention and convincing them to read on. But how do you craft effective headlines? Read this and find out!

How to Craft Irresistible Article Openings

Next to your headline, the opening is a make-or-break section designed to hook your readers or lose them forever. The question is, how do you design an irresistible opening? Learn how here.

Headline Swipe File

If you are looking for headlines to copy, mimic, and “steal,” for your own articles, start with these 230+ headlines!

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Book Notes

Here are some recommended book notes for this track. For the comprehensive list, check out the Library!