Want to have your own mobile app, like the Brilliant Writer App we use for Writers Ignited? Read On:

I have in my hot little hands the license to resell an app to one (and only ONE) lucky member of Writers Ignited.

Why a mobile app? 

In today’s day and age, everyone is on their phone, even more so than on the internet. And if you wanted to create a blog, courses, and other creative, information products, delivering content through an app is the best method for reaching busy people on the go. 

The app makes it easy and secure for your readers and users to consume your content, read your writing, watch your videos, listen to your audios, all without having to fuss with turning on computers, trying to retrieve forgotten passwords or trying to overcome hurdles that more likely than not will make them give up entirely.

So if you want to be on the front end of the newest evolution of content creation technology, and grow your own fiercely loyal audience, get yourself one of these apps ASAP.

What You Can Do With Your Very Own Mobile App

Currently, here are some of the things that you can do with the app:

  • Create audio and video courses to share with your users. 
  • Offer in-app purchase courses that your users can binge-buy and consume
  • Use push notifications to let your students and readers know when there is new content available
  • Create your own “world” populated with true fans and readers who love you
  • Use tagging system to restrict content to different segments of your users, and deliver courses, products, stories and other writings to those who have bought them from you

And, in the future:

  • Email people directly through your mobile app account so that you can easily curate, choose, select, and block the people that you want in or out of your group
  • Create your own, private, (safer) version of popular social media platforms so that your users can communicate with you and each other without fear of Big (Tech) Brother watching over them
  • Track how people are using your app and the content within it so that you can tailor your content creation process to be even more successful

Bonuses That Come With This App

As a gift for the Fortunate One who will receive this app from my hands, I will also be throwing in a special bonus course, just for you – a business coaching module with insider tips, tricks, and trainings that I learned directly from

  • the CEO of Learnistic (a military man who started multiple software companies, including the one that created your app),
  • my writing teacher (a millionaire CEO and expert in blogging and SEO content marketing), and
  • the best email copywriter in the world (a solopreneur multimillionaire who runs his own publishing empire WITHOUT a single employee).

You’ll also have:

  • an added discount and priority access to ALL future Brilliant Writer courses or products
  • Personal special access to a hidden section of the Brilliant Writer app with extra creative works by Yours Truly (songs, short stories, and who knows what else? You will, when you get the key to unlock the doors).
  • Access to the Mobile App Trainings course that will give you ideas on how to use your app and earn enough to cover the cost of the app itself, and more.

Finally, if you purchase the app today, I’ll throw in a bonus setup and design package to create for you your first personalized header image and icon background and get your app online.

How Much Does It Cost?

Not as much as it should.

This app costs $247/mo, and when combined with the bonuses above, I don’t think I can offer it at this price point again.

I’ll be honest, if you bought the app directly from Learnistic itself, it will cost a little less. 

But not for long. If you delay, the official price will easily double to $300/mo once the platform includes email and social media-type platforms.

So I’m charging $200, because that is what this free app license cost me, as it was bundled with another offer.

And also because of the bonuses that I’ll be adding to the value of the app itself.

Remember: Learnistic itself will soon be raising the cost of this app to $300/mo, once it adds the email platform, world-builder (social/forum-like feature), and other features that will make it impossible for other companies to compete on an even footing.

In other words, if you’re interested in this app, get it while the going is hot!

Interested? Grab the App Before This Offer Expires TONIGHT