Welcome to Successful Writer. I’m so excited to have you on board. There’s lots to learn in the next few weeks!

I really want your experience in this program to be as smooth and helpful as possible, so this handy page will explain how everything works.

Keep reading to learn how to navigate this program and get the most out of the training.

How This Course is Organized

The program consists of 8 training modules, each of which covers a different aspect of the online writing process. There are two main objectives to this course:

  1. Increasing your skill as a writer, and
  2. Using that skill to win fans and make an income

Modules 1-4 cover the first objective. Modules 5-8 address the second. 

Here is an overview of the program modules:

Lesson 1: Starting With WHY
Figuring out your deepest driver as a writer.

Lesson 2: Picking the Perfect Topic
The internet is a vast and scary place. Successful writers know where they are most effective. Do you?

Lesson 3: Choose to Win Before You Begin
Real success begins before the starting line.

Lesson 1: How to Create a Winning Writing System
Everyone’s busy, but successful writers know how to make time for their writing. Here is a 3-part model that will help you to do the same.

Lesson 2: Gathering ideas
You can’t write without good ideas. But where do you find them? And how do you keep them?

Lesson 3: Becoming a Writing Machine
Learn how to trigger insane productivity…or just regular productivity, on a regular basis, period.

Lesson 1: What Should You Write About?
Different ways of generating value as a writer.

Lesson 2: Article Formulas
Writing great articles is a science. This lesson will teach you the basic article formulas you need to know.

Lesson 3: Hypnotic Headlines
You have ONE chance to impress your potential reader. Don’t waste it!

Lesson 4: Preparing Your Outline
Includes samples/examples for different article formulas.

Lesson 5: Intros & Conclusions
Make sure your article bookends work as they’re supposed to 🙂 Or else your readers might leave. Forever.

Lesson 6: The Importance of Visuals 
Vision takes up 30% of your brain space. Even writers need to pay attention!

Lesson 7: Editing Strategies
Writing an article is not the end! Learn the 2 types of editing every writer needs.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Medium
Your science lab, spaghetti-wall, and potential source of starter side income.

Lesson 2: Mail Service Magic
Learn how to start (and build) your own mailing list.

Lesson 3: Staying Organized
It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with so many platforms to juggle. Here’s how to keep everything straight.

Lesson 1: What’s in a Name?
Choosing the perfect domain name for your new site, and registering it so no one else can steal it!

Lesson 2: Setting Up Your Self-Hosted Site
Learn how to set up your entire site from scratch…even if you’re a tech-dummy, like myself.

Lesson 3: Online Interior Design
How to Make Your Site Look Pretty (or At Least Functional) 101 for Non-Techies.

Lesson 4: About (Not) You
Writing an About Page that will draw in readers.

Lesson 1: Writing for Others
One tested, effective way of getting your name out there.

Lesson 2: Befriending Folks
When it comes to online writing, it really is WHO you know, not WHAT you know. Building relationships online, 101.

Lesson 3: Bare Bones S&S
Just the basics, ma’am. And by “basics,” I mean social media and SEO 😉

Lesson 1: Writing for Others, Part 2
How to make money giving others what they want.

Lesson 2: Writing for Yourself (Sort of)
How to make money writing what you love. Or at least like.

Lesson 1: Where to Go From Here

How to apply what you’ve learned in this course.

Lesson 2: Never Stop Learning

Don’t lose your momentum!

Training Units

There are 3 types of training units:

  • Lessons
  • Resources
  • Assignments

Lessons: You can go back and forth between lessons using the page navigation arrows at the bottom of each page, or by clicking on the navigation menu in the right sidebar on each page, which includes a site map as well as direct links to each module. 

Resources (including book and article recommendations and downloadable tools) are available in the sidebar as well.

Assignments are found at the end of each module, and you can answer the questions in the comment section at the bottom of each page:

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to use the comment section at the bottom of each lesson, or shoot me an email at and I will get back to you as soon as possible 🙂


This is a potentially life-changing, perspective-shifting journey for you. You may move quickly, you may move more slowly, but there’s no going back.

And more importantly,  there’s no “behind” either.

Although modules will be released over a 6-week period, you have the permission to do this at your own tempo.

Life happens. If something comes up and you’re worried about your progress, just email me at

In fact, shoot me an email whenever you hit a Successful Writer goal – big or small doesn’t matter. I’d love to celebrate with you!

And that’s it. When you’re ready to get started click on the link below to begin:

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