120 Days to $120+ MONTHLY Passive Income?

What if you could learn everything you needed to know to earn $120+/month near-passive income, in 120 days?

(* Note, that’s 120 days to LEARN everything, but it will take more time to IMPLEMENT and SUCCEED at this. How much time? That depends on you)

Project 120 participants will…

  • Learn the secrets of the Scylighter that helped her (moi) leverage writing to win freelance contracts, a full time job, and create my own side business doing what I’m made to do
  • Get access to all the strategies and principles needed to make at least $120/month passive income via Medium.com and other platforms
  • Have access to a private app and social lair plus one-on-one attention and coaching to get you through the next 120 days

Program Investment

The tuition to join the program is $600 for a one-time fee, or three monthly installments of $224. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are NO refunds, but those who accomplish the program goals (You provide proof that you’ve earned at least $120 in one month from your writing, within one year of graduating from the program) will receive a $300 bonus! 


By registering, you are agreeing to the Be a Brilliant Writer Terms of Service. You also understand that there are no refunds on tuition (but there IS a reward for those who make it! “To everyone who has [succeeds], more will be given”) If you have any questions, you can email sarah@beabrilliantwriter.com.

If you choose the payment plan, you will be billed three times, and then your billing will be cancelled after the third time.


SPARK CLUB MEMBERS + WINNERS: Use your unique code (your first name-last initial. Example “bob-f”) to pay 50% of the tuition. In other words, if you join the program and also succeed at the program goals within the deadline, this program, for you, is free 😉

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