The Spark Club

What is the Spark Club?

Updated Summary (October 2022)

Every week we have live private trainings designed to train and inspire writers in both nonfiction and fiction writing. The training is designed not to be a mere information dump but to encourage writers to take action and become active, working, (and PAID) writers!

Members have access to the live trainings, recordings, and supplemental recordings for each training.

What’s in the private training, exactly?

Consider the ongoing training a series of masterclasses in a variety of writing-related subjects, including but not limited to:

  • A sneaky (but totally legit) way of quickly building up your audience on one of the most famous blogging platforms in the world.
  • How to start making money as a writer even if you don’t have a website, portfolio, or clue what you’re doing.
  • How to optimize your content for search engines so that you can generate long-term audience retention.
  • How to build an audience that is perfectly tailored to your voice and your offerings.
  • Deep-dive analyses of articles and books to flesh out exactly makes the writing grab readers (or not!)
  • Potential future topics include: copywriting, entrepreneurship, freelance writing, and more.

How do the trainings work?

Each weekly training is around 30 minutes long (including a training / critique section, then an optional Q&A section)

Each weekly training comes with a corresponding assignment.

What’s The Challenge?

Spark Club members may choose to participate in The Challenge, where you have the opportunity to submit last week’s assignment in order to get the special link to next week’s training. 

What if the weekly Challenge isn’t relevant? (Ex: It’s a fiction-based assignment, but I only write nonfiction?)

You can opt to submit one of the following assignments instead:


  • Write 50 headlines
  • OR: Outline an article
  • OR: Write a full article


  • Come up with 50 short story ideas
  • OR outline a story (your own or others’)
  • OR write a full short story (1,000-3,000 words)

Any more questions?


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