The Spark Club

It's time.

It’s time to turn your vague writing dreams into reality. 

To stop talking about writing, and actually DO IT.

To join like-minded Brilliant Writers who want to not only write, not only use writing to make or supplement your living, but create something worthwhile, lasting, and potentially life-changing.

It’s time to join the Spark Club 🙂

What is the Spark Club?

Just like sparks create enduring fires, the Spark Club is meant to stoke your writing habits, curiosity, and interest so that you don’t just write a little, but develop a LIFESTYLE of writing and content creation. The only way to be a writer is to write, and the Spark Club is designed to give you structure, support, and inspiration to become the consistent, creative, productive writer you want to be.

The Spark Club is a monthly membership (a writing club, if you will) where a small group of dedicated writers will write daily, and complete month-long intensive writing projects to build your portfolio.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Access to an exclusive app just for Spark Club members (NOT the same one as the Brilliant Writer’s regular app)
  • Structured challenges (alternating fiction and nonfiction every 3 months)
  • Expedited access to your Scylighter
  • Access to content that regular Merry Banders don’t get (such as past Brilliant Writer emails and past and future trainings/courses)
  • Behind-the-scenes looks and early access to projects that I’m working on, how I create and write
  • And more 😉

What's Included in THIS MONTH of the Spark Club Experience?

Each quarter, Spark Club members take on a different writing dimension, alternating fiction and nonfiction, and divided by theme. Within each quarter, members take on monthly writing challenges based on the overarching theme. This is our schedule:

Note: You don’t have to follow this schedule yourself exactly the way it is written. Feel free to pick and choose the challenge that corresponds to where you are in life.


January: Article Prep
In this month, we’ll be doing various challenges related to writing nonfiction articles. Ex: headlines, intros, research, etc.

February: Article a Day
In this month, we write (and publish) an article a day.

March: Read & Edit Articles
In this month, we edit old articles and/or analyze others’ articles.


April: Creativity Prep
In this month, we’ll be working on our brainstorming, storytelling, worldbuilding skills.

May: Story a Day
In this month, we’ll be writing a story a day. Yep, every day.

June: Read & Edit Stories
In this month, we’ll be reading and editing stories (our own, and others).


July: FREE
This month is a free-for all 🙂

August: Song a Day
In this month, we write a song or poem (or pick your challenge) a day.

September: TBD
In this month, we have a set of rotating challenges. Join us to see what the challenge is for this year!


October: Novel Planning
In this month, we plan a novel (in preparation for NaNoWriMo in November)

November: National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)
In this month, we write a novel!

December: Novel Editing
In this month, we continue writing last month’s novel / edit a novel! (Or any major fictional work, but no editing the one we’re currently working on. It has to be a previous work)

What About Future Months?

Here are some future Monthly Challenges and Trainings we may cover in the near future, depending on your needs and the desires of the group:

  • Monetizing your writing
  • Building a blog
  • Writing an Ultimate Guide 
  • Creating a story a day
  • Novel writing and editing
  • Future journaling

The Spark Club is still growing into its own. As a member of this small, elite group, you will have a lot of influence over its future direction. You will get to ask me questions directly, see what I do behind-the-scenes, and suggest future topics that you would like to dive into, and books and resources you want to explore.

Who Should NOT Join the Spark Club?

You should not join the Spark Club if:

  • You’re not interested in making a side income with your writing
  • You’re not interested in writing daily or near-daily
  • You’re completely intolerant of experimentation or changes
  • You don’t want to complete writing projects or create a writing portfolio
  • You cannot tolerate any uncertainty whatsoever
  • You don’t want to be a Brilliant Writer, or a writer at all
But if none of the above apply to you…

How Do I Sign Up?

It’s simple. Here’s the button.