Announcing the Brilliant Writer Journal Challenge

Feeling directionless and disorganized? With Journal Genius, you can start heading in a healthier direction in < 4 Weeks!

Tap into your dormant creativity.

Put your memories to good use.

Create a flexible plan to succeed.

Watch yourself progress.

You know you’re not fulfilling your full potential.

You know you have dreams that have been simmering in your heart for years, goals you want to accomplish, yet something keeps holding you back. 

You know there are opportunities out there that you are missing out on, because you’re too frazzled, too undisciplined, too distracted to run with them.

You know you’ve had years to get your head screwed on straight, your goals accomplished, your writing finished…

...but you haven't taken advantage of your time and opportunities as you could have.

Yes, you’re busy, but it goes much deeper than that:

You know what you want…but you’re not entirely sure.

You know what you’re supposed to do…but you keep coming up with excuses to procrastinate.

You know what is good for you…but something won’t let you do it.

It’s like you’re your own biggest enemy.

Guess what? I know that feeling too (Oh BOY do I know it!)

In fact, there was a time in my life when I was SO unproductive and unhappy that I seriously felt like a parasite. I was sick all the time, and if not for the love and support of key family members, and the strong belief that there are some extreme measures that are not “allowed,” I shudder to think what might have happened to me.

That's when I turned to an old (and totally non-woo-woo) practice used by writers from time immemorial...

I used to journal as a kid, but over time I started to see it as a fluffy idea. Who honestly cares what 9-year-old me ate for breakfast? Or what so-and-so classmate said to me in freshman English?

The problem was, I was doing journaling all wrong. 

And it wasn’t until I hit the low point of my life that I figured it out.

I rebooted my journaling habit, taking my black-and-white Mead composition book with me everywhere I went.

I journaled first thing in the morning, sometimes sitting in the bathroom for an hour, thoughts pouring out of me like water out of a formely-plugged-up faucet. 

I consulted my journal when I felt lost, and used it to keep track of my progress so that sense of accomplishment could propel me through the rough spots.

And to this day, I still use my journaling system to keep myself on track and motivated to do what I have to do.

You see, journaling is like exercising. You can make up your own methods, and they will help a bit, but if you have a proven system, an experienced coach marking the path before you, the benefits can be enormous.

That’s why I’m sharing my Journal Genius system with you today.

This journaling system will help you find your purpose. It will give you the structure and confidence you need to make good on your promises to yourself. It will push you to not just get more stuff done, but get the RIGHT stuff done, so that you can actually take pride in your accomplishments.

How do I know that?

Because this is the same journaling system I used to help myself:

  • Start my own freelance writing career
  • Earn five figures with writing, alone
  • Get better from a gnarly chronic illness
  • Write a novel, musical, dozens of short stories, and hundreds of articles
  • …and more

But what if you tried journaling before? (and FAILED?)

We’ve all been there. Perhaps, like me, you once thought that journaling is like navel-gazing. Irrelevant and useless. Or perhaps you believe in the power of journaling but have never gotten it to work for you.

But if your goal is to be a writer, or even just to have a clearer head and more motivated life, you need to give journaling a fair chance to change you for the better.

And if you’ve tried, and failed, to journal successfully, the most likely reason is that you didn’t have a powerful enough journaling system, like the one I’m about to teach you.

My “beginner friendly” system is based on 2 things:

Psychological research

Specifically, understanding the story of your life (and how it both helps and hurts you), and your unique gifts and challenges (so that you can use both to your advantage, rather than letting them go to waste).

Simple structures

In module 4 of Journal Genius, I share a straightforward, flexible plan that you can adapt to your lifestyle and use to both track and motivate your progress.

This system is my own personally tested journaling strategy which I created from taking classes and reading books by actual psychologists and (most importantly) acting out in my own life, so I know it works.

But you’ll only know whether or not it works for you if you try it:

Here's what you'll get for $60 (or LESS...see below)

A sampling of what you’ll get from the Journal Genius course:

  • 4 modules of researched, tested training with exercises included
  • Made-for-you journal templates that you can copy into your own handwritten journal, or print out and use as-is.
  • Knowledge on how to use the most rigorous psychological personality test currently available, to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses
  • Samples/Examples from my own journal that I don’t share with anyone but Journal Genius students.
  • Step-by-step exercises designed to help you sort out your thoughts and actions, based on psychological research and personal experience

And here are a few extra things you’ll learn from Journal Genius:

  • How this one thing you do every day (usually) without fail affects your ability to process and heal from past wounds
  • An effective method for overcoming natural neuroticism and anxiety
  • How one couple’s tragic misunderstanding led to their unfortunate demise, and what that has to do with your journaling practice
  • One famous author’s method of accomplishing important life goals in less than one minute a day
  • The story of how NOT wearing black during a competition once hurt me badly

Another thing:

You can take the course at your own pace. In fact, you’re encouraged to take the time to fully understand the material and apply what you learn.

And when you’ve gone through the course once, I recommend continuing to practice the lessons learned in module 4, then waiting a few months and re-doing modules 1-3. You might be surprised at how things have changed and how far you’ve come.

PLUS: You Can Listen to the Course On the Go

Here’s another bonus:

If you want to listen to the course on the go (in the car, when you’re doing chores around the house, exercising, etc) you can access all of the Journal Genius material right from your phone.

Yep. When you register for Journal Genius, you’ll not only have access to the course on the website, you’ll have a copy of the content (complete with audio, so you don’t have to read it on your tiny phone screen) in your pocket.

All you need to do is download the free Sarah Cy/Brilliant Writer app and learn on the go, whenever and wherever you want, from your Android, iPhone, or iPad!

How to become a Journal Genius

First, click this button to go to the checkout page:

Once you’ve paid your entry fee, you’ll receive instructions on how to access your course for the challenge.

Oh, and one more thing:

The Be-a-GREAT-Friend Discount: Invite 2 Friends and ALL 3 of You Get 50% Off!

P.P.S. If you want to see some more proof of the results I’ve been able to get as a writer using this Journal Genius system, here are a few more comments from Brilliant Writers like you:

“Oh my gosh this is such good advice.”
—Clare K.
“You always deliver, Sarah. Thanks!”
—John A.
“Rockin’ unconventional takes on ‘how-to’ improve…Nice refresher. Looking forward to trying out the other suggestions…Thanks!”
—Victoria M.
“This is awesome! so well written. You should be proud! Great job!”
—Jason W.
“Hey Sarah, I’ve been reading your stuff for a while now and I think you are brilliant at sharing your thoughts, I find that very valuable."
—Richard M.
“Thanks Sarah for this superb advice! I am going to bookmark this and re-read it in the coming months — and I am going to act upon it! Promise to myself 🙂 Please keep writing. You are changing lives.”
—Kris L.