Your Scylighter is pleased to announce a brand-new program: the FireButt Challenge! 

Designed to light a conflagration under your tush, get you out of your self-imposed mental prisons, and

…SO BUSY CREATING scads of epic content that you won’t have time to deal with the demons of self-doubt or whatever other boogie-woogies are trying to steal your dreams, crush your soul, or impede your productivity.

Instead, YOU shall gain the upper hand by committing to the 12 DAY FIREBUTT CHALLENGE and push your content creation capabilities to their limits and beyond!

If you are ready to, in the words of the Immortal Bard, screw your courage to the sticking point and take on this epic challenge, behold the rules & rewards:

Rules & Rewards

The rules are simple:

To participate in the program, simply pay your (conditionally* refundable) deposit via the box below, and then follow these two rules religiously:

  1. During the 12 days of this program, create something every day. What that is, is up to you. You could write to a certain word count, finish an article a day, write a song, whatever is most pressing.
  2. *You must report that you have completed your content creation for the day via the check-in form by 11:59pm EST (New York Time) every single day. On time. One minute over is one minute too late. 

If you break either of these two iron-clad rules at any point during the challenge, you will forfeit your investment and all rewards from the program. No excuses, no mercy.

Now, for the rewards:

  • For the duration of the challenge, you will get access to the secret Brilliant Writer app that is only available to WINners and Spark Club members.* Including temporary access to select Spark Club content.
  • You will also receive daily email reminders to get your writing (content) done.
  • If you successfully complete the 12 days of content creation without missing a day of creation (and without failing to check in on time each day), your deposit shall be returned to you in one piece.
  • Every member who successfully completes the challenge will win a small gift, to be announced.
  • In addition, one winner of the challenge will get a special grand prize from the Scylighter. (The winner will be chosen based on commitment and progress made during the challenge).
  • But of course, at the end of the day: the TRUE reward of this challenge is your renewed self-confidence once you crush your own limiting beliefs and produce all that awesome content with your own magnificent mind, for fun & profit.

Other notes:

If you are a WINner or Spark Club member, remember to use your unique code (firstname-lastinitial. Example: John Smith’s code would be: john-s) to get 50% off your deposit.


Alright, enough chit-chat. Let’s get this fire started!


Register New Account

Choose your membership level

Note: You can register for the challenge using Paypal or your regular credit card. Your membership will automatically expire after the challenge is over (or if you break Rule #1 or #2 at any point during the program)

Note 2: PLEASE IGNORE any mention of “recurring payments” in the form above. There is only ONE conditionally refundable deposit to join the FireButt Challenge. But unfortunately the technology doesn’t allow me to make that clear. Sigh.