For Writers Who Are Serious About Mastering Their Craft:

The Writing Program Guaranteed to Help You Create the Most Powerful Posts of Your Life...

Bold promise, right?

But here’s the thing:

I’m not saying I can help you write a best-selling novel, become a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, or write a Hollywood screenplay. I know zilch about those types of writing.

But if you want to write for popular online blogs and publications?

Or you want to build a popular blog of your own?

Or maybe you just want to build your credibility writing for sites like Medium or LinkedIn?

In any of those cases, I’m your girl.


A Step-By-Step System for Writing Brilliant Articles

Would you like to make writing brilliant posts as easy as baking a batch of sugar cookies?

Well, you can, with these “recipes” I’ve created just for you.

Granted, my recipes are quite a bit more complicated than just opening a can of cookie dough, but the idea is the same. For the first time, I’m giving you step-by-step recipes showing you exactly how to write articles people love.

Pretty neat, right?

The Brilliant Writer’s Recipe Book includes:

  • Links to successful real-world article examples you can learn from, giving you models and ideas for how to write your own article.

  • Detailed guidance on how to choose article topics, so you never have to wonder what to write about.

  • Headline templates designed specifically for each type of post. All you have to do is fill in the blank, and you’ll have a fantastic headline ready to go in no time.

  • Step-by-step advice for planning your post, so you know all the pieces before you even start.

  • Templates for various types of openings, points, and closings, from successful posts on popular sites.

  • Downloadable checklists you can use as you write.

  • Insider tips on how to make your post even more memorable and shareable.

This collection of recipes is the most detailed guide you’ll find for writing every imaginable type of article.

Can you imagine how much that will change the writing process for you?

You won’t wonder what to write about. You won’t struggle to put down those first few words. You won’t worry about whether or not your post has what it takes to reach readers or make your audience adore you.

You’ll just know.

You’ll have the confidence to move forward because you’ll have all the ingredients you need to create delectable posts.

This program  takes all the guesswork out of writing popular posts.

And the crazy thing?

It’s only part of what I’m offering you today.

Let’s take a look at the next piece…

Customized Critiques

Every module includes an assignment for you to practice the skills you’ve learned. When you submit your assignments, I will personally work with you to strengthen your post.

And the best part is, all of this works with YOUR schedule. While I suggest going through one module per week, you can go faster or slower, as you like.

Sound amazing?

The best part is, if “stuff” happens along the way, your personal BWRB critiques never expire. 

“You’re one of my favorite writers…Your advice is great. Keep writing, keep putting out great content.”
- Isaac B.

The Most Comprehensive Writing Course in Brilliant Writer History

For a long time, people have asked me to teach them how to write better.

And well…

The time has come 🙂

This “Recipe Book” gives you all the tricks, templates, and skills to become a truly elite writer. Returning to our cooking metaphor, it’s like having a personal chef mentoring you through each step.

We start with the fundamentals, slowly progressing to more and more advanced topics. By the time we finish, you’ll have all the important skills to become one of the top writers online.

Take a look:

Where do you want to take your writing? Learn how to create the habits and structure necessary to achieve your writing goals.

Learn the meta-skills and techniques for creating successful posts of all styles. Picking topics, crafting headlines, Outlining your article, it’s all here!

Learn the secret to writing attention-arresting versions of one of most popular post types on the internet.

Learn how to stand out when you write the second of the two most popular post types on the internet.

Use these recipes to create Evergeen content that will bring readers to your site again and again using this article recipe.

Learn other advanced article recipes to build your writing portfolio and fill your blog with fascinating content to draw your ideal readers.

“You win more flies with honey…” Discover the trick to drawing in influential people in your space using these sweet recipes.

Now that you know how to write better posts than 99% of people on the internet, what should you do with your new superpowers? This module will show you how to use your writing skills to achieve your income and audience growth goals.

"Great class. Worth every penny. Your willingness to help was important and appreciated. "
- Roy C.

Why This Home Study Course Can Make YOU a Brilliant Writer

When you sign up for a training like this, you don’t just want information. That’s a part of it, for sure, but this is what you really want:

You want to better your life.

You’re not expecting miracles. You’re not expecting me to sprinkle fairy dust and you and magically make you a brilliant writer.

But you’d like to develop confidence in your writing abilities, to know that everything you put out there is in the top 1% of online content.

You’d like to see your articles attract more fans and readers.

You’d like to earn the respect of the leaders in your corner.

And I’ll be straight with you…

The Brilliant Writer’s Recipe Box can do all of those things for you, and more, with one condition. 

You commit. You show up. You do the work.

It’s very simple, and it’s been the same drill for writers for ages.

“The art of writing is the art of applying the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair.”
- Mary Heaton Vorse

My students who succeed beyond their wildest dreams are the ones who apply their pants to the seat of their chairs and do the work.

Because at the end of the day, it’s still up to you, a writer alone with their words.

I’m giving you the best writing instruction we’ve ever created, but if you don’t use it, it won’t do you any good.

But here’s the key:

If you do, I’ll guarantee your results.

Here's Your Chance to Get the Best Course I've Ever Created

Here’s the question I have for you:

Instead of making you travel to a school and spend hours in a cramped desk listening to dry lectures, what if I gave you a self-study version of the course?

You get lifetime access to the Brilliant Writer’s Recipe Book, and any future updates. 

You’ll get all the training materials. You’ll get recordings of the critique workshops. You’ll get to receive feedback on articles that you write.

I want to make it easier for people to write quality blog posts and articles that get results. Not just a dozen people here and there, but hundreds, maybe even thousands.

To reach that many people, we need to strip away time or travel constraints. 

Here is what you will find inside:

  • Step-By-Step Article Recipes for Writing the Best Posts of Your Life
  • Tips and Strategies for Winning Influence and Income With Your Writing
  • Weekly Critiques and Personal Feedback on YOUR Work 
  • A Library of Video Critiques from Yours Truly

How much is all that worth?

I have spent many years mastering the craft of writing posts which get shared like crazy.

I use the same recipes and strategies in the Brilliant Writer’s Recipe Box for my own posts, as well as posts I’ve written for others. 

So, if you’ve ever wondered how I have been able to regularly write hundreds of posts that have reached tens of thousands of readers…

You no longer have to guess. 

This course brings together everything I know about crafting posts with impact. 

And the best news is: I’m giving you the Brilliant Writer’s Recipe Box for HALF OFF: only one payment of $397 $197 (use discount code: bwrb50off, expires THIS Friday!).  


"This class is worth way more than the amount I spent for it. I am still working on making it through the class, there is so much to learn. Thank you for making it affordable for people like me... Invaluable."
- Karen J.


That's An Incredible Deal! What's the Catch?

Well, there is one:

If you want to see results, you’ve got to do the work. 

Right now, you have a choice to make. You can join Brilliant Writer’s Recipe Book and have access to everything you need to become one of the top writers on the web, or you can decide not to join, and you can continue struggling along on your own.

Obviously, I’m biased, but if you’re serious about writing, I think the choice is a no-brainer. The worst-case scenario is you go through the training, decide it’s not for you, and ask for a refund.

And the best case scenario?

A year from now, you’ll look back at joining Writer’s Recipe Book and decide it was the best decision you ever made. You’ll be writing the best posts of your life, getting tons of traffic, changing the lives of your readers, and loving every minute of it.

Do you want that? Or do you want to continue alone?

Like I said, the choice is yours 🙂



Your Shortcut to Writing Brilliant Blog Posts

It has never been easier to become a brilliant writer! Brilliant Writer's Recipe Book will give you the recipes and personal help you need to succeed: