Creating a Landing Page with MailerLite

If you decided to set up your account with MailerLite, you can easily create a landing page using the same steps. 

First, create your audience (which they call a “subscriber group”) by clicking on Subscribers in the menu and then the orange “add new group” button.

When the “add new group” popup appears, name your group, then hit “create.”

Now go to “forms” in the menu and click on the orange “create landing page” button:

Name your landing page, then save and continue.

Once you’ve chosen which audience you want to send your subscribers to, you will get to choose your landing page template:

Select the template you want, then follow the easy prompts to change the logos, headlines, and texts until you’ve finalized your design:

Then edit your Success Page (click on the gray text “Success Page” next to “Landing Page”) to change the message your subscribers see when they submit their email:

Next, click the green “next” button and you’ll be directed to your page settings: 

You can edit your confirmation email and confirmation thank you page (the message new subscribers see when they join your list) by clicking on the relevant pages to make sure people get a personalized message from you.

And you’re done!

Take some time to test your landing page with an alternate email to make sure everything’s working.

Again, remember to save the URL from the setting and add the link in your articles to allow subscribers to reach you. You can edit your page anytime by going back to “Settings,” so don’t worry if things aren’t perfect from the start. You have plenty of time to tinker with your page!