Hey there, want to hear a story?

Before the COVD-19 lockdowns shut down lives across the world, I was in a COVID-lockdown of my own. 

It was hellish. I was stuck at home all day, due to my health problems, unable to do anything but scream into the void and wonder what my life was really worth, if I could do nothing productive.

Well, ALMOST nothing. There WAS one thing left to me: 


Over the next six years, I stopped wallowing in self pity (a very important lesson, and one that tends to be a work in progress) and turned my mind to how I could use the one thing I could do to dig myself out of my hole.

I started looking for people I could learn from, opportunities to use my writing to make a real living and infuse meaning back into my sad life.

I made many mistakes, hit several dead ends, worked hard, got lucky, found mentors, learned about online writing and marketing, and eventually, after about six years of grueling effort, made it to where I am today: living in my own place, using the gifts I’ve been given to make a life for myself and my puppy 🙂

Now, I look back at younger-me and think about what I would tell her, if I could reach through the sands of time, to help her get to where I am faster, and with less angst and unnecessary suffering. 

And that’s how Project 120 came to be.

Why is it called Project 120?

Because the tangible stated goal of the program is to take 120 days to teach you how to get to the point where you can earn AT LEAST $120/month in recurring “passive income*” through your writing.


Granted, $120/month isn’t a lot. But this is just to get you started. Once you understand the principles of how to get that first $120, you can expand your assets and abilities to do 10x, 100x, maybe even 1000x better than that.

In the next 120 days, I will be taking a select group of Project 120 participants through an accelerated program of steps that I myself followed to build my portfolio, site, career, and life as a writer. It’s basically six years of learning, squeezed into 120 days. 

* Passive income sounds effortless, but the reality is, it’s not that passive. Not at first. It takes a lot of work to build a pipeline and a little work to keep the pipeline going, but once you have that pipeline built, life will be so much easier than if you lived paycheck to paycheck.


What is included in Project 120?

In 120 days, you will learn everything you need to achieve our minimum goal ($120 per month in “passive” writer income).

We’ll cover such topics as: honing your writing skills, building your audience, world and brand building, forging valuable connections, choosing and using technology and software, creating and selling profitable assets, and more.

The primary platform we’ll be using will be Medium.com, and lessons and communication will be handled via a private app and social lair. 

But in the end, what you get out of this program depends on what you make of it.

Those who diligently follow the steps, apply the lessons, and succeed will be rewarded. (I mean, besides the tangible reward and happy warm feeling that you get from succeeding at what you set out to do, I’ll also pay you to win. Literally).

Those who don’t…well, this is one of the main reasons why Project 120 will not be accepting everyone who wants in.

Who is the ideal Project 120 participant?

I designed Project 120 for my younger, more naive, somewhat helpless-yet-hopeful, writerly self. 

If you are in a similar place, feeling stuck, yet wanting and knowing you could do more with your writing, this just might be the launchpad to get you there.

Project 120 is for someone who:

  1. Loves to write. It’s not just the IDEA of writing, but the ACT of writing that gives you a sense of meaning almost nothing else can.
  2. Wants to learn. You almost can’t help yourself, you’re obsessed with reading and learning almost anything.
  3. Has a purpose. This writing thing isn’t just a lark for you. You have something you need to say. And you want to create a life around your writing.
  4. Needs a helping hand. You aren’t really sure how to get to where you want to go, you would like someone to teach you from their own experience. 
  5. Wants some structure (but not too much!). You need a touch of accountability to get going, but once you are, you’re on fire!
  6. Hates (unnecessary) drama. You have an open learner’s mind and you’re focused on running your own race, not tearing down or comparing yourself to others.

Who should NOT apply for Project 120?

If you cannot accept the following conditions, then Project 120 is not for you:

  1. This program is somewhat EXPERIMENTAL. This is the first round, and although we do have a roadmap, it may change. We will be working together, and I will be adjusting the program to meet the needs of those in the group, so nothing is permanently set in stone. In other words: This project is not for people who are not adventurous.
  2. This program requires a MAJOR INVESTMENT of time, money, and effort. It’s NOT for tire-kickers.
  3. This program requires WORK. We’re going to be condensing 6 years of writing/marketing lessons into 120 days. It is not for those not willing to put in the effort to learn and apply the lessons to their own practice.
  4. This program will NOT INCENTIVIZE FAILURE. That means there is no “money-back guarantee,” because we don’t reward a failure mentality. This is designed to weed out the “fools”–ie, people who want to be passively hand-fed a step-by-step guide to ultimate riches without using their brains or putting in the effort (no such thing, in this world)
  5. On the other hand, This program REWARDS SUCCESS. If you follow the steps and achieve the program goal within 3 years of the end of the program, I will pay you $100-300 as a reward for your hard work. However, don’t join this program just for the cash. This program is not for people who are motivated only by monetary gain.
  6. This program is for SELF STARTERS. It has all you need to succeed if you’re willing to apply and expand on what you learn. It is not for people who need a babysitter.

If you are willing to accept the above conditions, you can apply here: